Baby Bye Bye Bye!

You know when you make brilliant plans and then something drastic changes, usually not for the best, well that’s happening but it’s for the best! If you follow on Twitter or Instagram you probably already know or have an idea…

We’re going to be selling the bachelor pad and buying a fixer upper.

This will no longer be our front yard soon!

The initial plan was to save (HA!) for 3 to 4 years and buy brand new but the more we looked, the more I realized I want to build new. Originally I wanted and fixer upper and Todd say no way in heck, after looking at model homes I realized that we weren’t going that route so I gave Todd the ultimatum build or fixer upper. Apparently that made his decision easy because fixer upper it is!

The plan has changed drastically from making it fabulous to live in to making it acceptable to sell! Trust me, that’s a huge change for us! I had big plans to reveal including taking down walls, building a breakfast bar, extend the bottom cabinets, pain the cabinets and have open shelving on one wall in the kitchen.

We were going to do so much to the game room and finally touch our bedroom, guest room and front bathroom! Oh gosh, I didn’t even mention the back yard!! According to the realtor, we’ve outdone our area so we don’t really need to do much, we have just a few small things!

There are some things that need to be done though…

  • Finish off the end cap where we tore down the wall
  • Patch a hole in the wall (that we already started)
  • Install baseboard in the bathroom (it’s only a 2 ft section)

Not much right?! Yeah…meaning next week we should have the house listed on the market!

I just cannot believe how quickly it’s going! Just last week we weren’t buying or selling and this week we need to start thinking about packing and storage! We will be sharing whats going on along the way!!

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Sarah @ The Blog Formerly Known As Freestyle Home/Life How exciting, it really does sound like things are moving along quickly! Looking forward to hearing more about the big move and the new fixer-upper — congrats and good luck with everything!February 2, 2013 – 8:57 am


Jami Reply:

Oh my gosh Sarah, we’re terrified. It’s getting real and its getting sad. We will be sharing as we go along!


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