Dusting off the old blog

Last night I logged on here for the first time in over a year. I panicked but it felt missed too! It was like that awkward moment when you call a friend you’ve lost contact with but miss…you consider hanging up 15 times and thankfully get the voicemail. Well, this is the voicemail people!


I don’t know how often I’ll post but I miss the friends and family that comes with blogging! So much has changed, probably the reason I’ve missed blogging so much. Of course, I’ll fill y’all in but in short…I turned 30 on Saturday *sobbing*, we haven’t done much to the house (other than removing a wall), we bought a business, AND WE HAD ANOTHER BABY!


So much right?! Crazy!

New Floors: Getting the Floors Prepped

I had huge aspirations of posting last week but we got an awful cold…we seriously we’re useless. Which, let me just tell you, is darn near impossible with a healthy toddler! Tenley has just recently started to show some signs of our cold! Seriously, how does one tiny human being have so much energy, especially when we both were sick?!

While there was a good portion of carpet, what wasn’t carpet was tiled…tile which happened to have a little over an 1.5 inches of thinset!

I cringe showing you this but it’s real life…EVERY day Tenley drags out an obscene amount of stuff from her play room. BUT you can get a good idea as to how big the room is and we’re missing the entry way!

For the first two rows of tile (for prior project, still not blogged about) we used Todds impact tools…it was hilarious and pathetic! Pretty much it pulled up the tile but didn’t come close to taking care of the whole thinset issue.

So, obviously that didn’t work.

Todd then thought a hand chisel would work…pretty much you don’t need to hear how that went other than lots of cussing and some smashed fingers. We also tried a sledge-hammer. That was painful and when Todd got tired I thought I’d be able to power through it, let’s just state the obvious..I’m not Popeye and Todd is obviously much stronger than I am.We wised up and asked our neighbor to borrow his Hilti, which during that phase of tile removal was the only smart thing we did.

We we’re really stupid and didn’t tarp anything. Awesome. Thin-set dust…all over our house.

So, that’s how it sat while we saved and worked on the other project. Two rows removed…just hanging out. You know, because we thought it’d totally be fine. But we realized that we didn’t have that much patience and ended up needing another hammer drill. This time we were a lot smarter about things, as in we tarped the crap out of everything, including the furniture!!

Todd and my dad took up the carpet and tile while Tenley and I weren’t home but from what I hear (and experienced afterwards) it was awful. I was super blessed to show up with it done and cleaned up!

Don’t mind the peek of Tenley in the bottom left.

Let me just say this…just in case you didn’t know. Living on the concrete it horrible! I swept, vacuumed and mopped so much and it was still always dirty. I’m totally lame and had no idea how dirty it would be! We lived with it like this for a week! Me being me, had told Todd we could live on it for longer. Fortunately for all of us he knew that wouldn’t work and waited till we had the least amount of time possible before ripping it up.

We laid the vapor barrier the day of and I would totally suggest the same, we trashed the barrier in the time we walked on it while installing. We then emptied all the boxes and sorted by design so we could ensure that when we laid out the floors there wasn’t any repetition. After hours of laying the floor they all started to look the same and we happened to have one style that there were TONS of so it made it a bit complicated to avoid!

We technically still haven’t finished! We still have some caulking to do and once it’s complete I will make sure to post some updates for you!

5 Suggestions to Repaint Spaces to Improve Mood {Guest Post}

Ready for a crazy announcement?! I was approached by Zillow to provide a post for my readers and I was thrilled to work with them!

5 Suggestions to Repaint Spaces to Improve Mood

By Tali Wee of Zillow

 A colorfully painted room can have a dramatic effect on a person’s mood and energy level, yet no single color is universally accepted as happy or sad, positive or negative, exciting or depressing. Colors are perceived differently by individuals based on experiences, culture, religion and personal preference.

Some reactions to boldly painted rooms are so strong that some potential buyers opt out of making offers based on a single wildly painted room. For this reason, home sellers are instructed to paint their homes neutrally to appeal to most home shoppers. Once a home is purchased, the owner should follow these five suggestions to select the perfect paint on the first attempt.

Despite the subjectivity of each color’s effect on mood, there are some widely accepted ideas of particular hues and painting methods for rooms that set an encouraging tone.

1. Paint Warm Hues

For starters, it’s common for the color yellow to inspire a feeling of joy. Yellow is bright, allowing light to reflect off the walls making a room appear larger. The color is often associated with the sun, which is relative to cheery summer days, so it’s no surprise yellow is a stimulating color. Other warm hues such as red and orange can also improve the moods of residents by creating a comfortable vibe. Red is typically related to passion, and holistic medicine theorizes it as a stimulant of both body and mind. Red can be too bold or overwhelming for an entire room, so consider painting only an accent wall. A softer version of red is orange, which comes in numerous hues and tones. Because orange is less frequently selected, it’s perceived as moderately edgy and the range of shades allow it to represent a playful and invigorating space or a sophisticated and inviting room.

2. Paint Some Cool Hues

Cooler hues such as blue and green usually cause a calming effect. For homeowners with more stressful lifestyles, try painting a room a shade of blue. It’s known to create a soothing vibe, associated with natural scenes of watching clouds in the sky and the peaceful sound of listening to water in motion. Blue is a bold color and comes in numerous shades which very in their impact of strength versus coolness. Also relevant to nature, green is a calming color known to improve mood. Healthy vegetables, thriving plants and money are green. The many shades of green can encourage luck, inspire balance and create a feeling of youthful freshness.

3. Stick to Lighter Tones

Painters should stick to lighter tones of yellow, red, orange, blue or green. Bold or dark colors have a tendency to make a room appear smaller and more confined. Some darker tones can become so dramatic that the dominate feeling of the space becomes overpowering. Again, accent walls are the exception which allows residents to incorporate darker shades in small doses. Otherwise, always select paint one or two steps lighter than the ideal swatch. When the color is spread over an entire wall it absorbs more light and appears bolder.

4. Incorporate Flair

Just as the best paint color is subjective, so is the combination of color and design. Homeowners who adore the popular patterns of chevron, quatrefoil, polka dots, strips or murals should incorporate an accent wall of their favorite style. Purchase a painting stencil or wallpaper to add a bit of invigorating flair. Some homeowners like their rooms to flow into each other with one consistent color, while others prefer to have each room in its own hue. Adding personality to the space can make the room feel comfortable. It’s important that the people living in the space consider their natural reactions to the colors. Don’t be afraid to personalize the sleek walls with character.

5. Whiten the Ceiling

Lastly, one way to improve mood is to make the room feel more spacious. Painting the ceiling white makes the ceiling appear higher up than it is. Try the simple trick to open up spaces, which is especially refreshing in smaller rooms.

In addition to the universally accepted forms of improving moods, such as exercise and laughter, home owners should consider switching up the color of their walls to inspire lifted attitudes. Select a warm or cool hue to naturally lift spirits, add a little personality and pop the ceiling with some classic white paint.


New Floors: Determining the right floor for us.

So I’m totally out of order on a project but we have one that’s not finished and though you’ll see some of it from this post I want to actually finish it before squealing with excitement…unlike the world’s longest TV mounting project that still is not 100% complete.
When we first moved in the floors were a nasty, black feet causing mess. It was awful so we had them cleaned. The following day we could feel the nastiness come seeping up through the carpet. It was awesome…at least that’s what I kept telling myself. We’ve been going back and forth about when to get flooring but we couldn’t rationalize spending the money, ie. Todd is cheap.  So we started a project that resulted in tearing up the tile…which led to living on concrete, for some reason that finally triggered the breaking point for Todd. Fortunately for him (or so I’ll say) I had already been getting samples to decide, so much so that some of the guys at Flooring Liquidators knew who I was, to be fair they’re one of my husband’s customer (he sells carpet), but most of the guys didn’t know that. If we didn’t mind a complete mismatched floor I think we could cover the whole house with the different samples I brought home throughout the months since we moved in.
As much as I hate to admit it, I’m glad we waited because we would have made a flooring decision that I would regret later. I’m a huge fan of dark floors but it’s just not practical in our house! When I realized it, I pretty much had an identity crisis, it was embarrassing and not pretty. Todd thought I had lost my mind…more than I’ve already lost. You know that moment when you have everything planned out and visualized and it takes a total 180…well for this non-planner it blows! I wanted a certain color, not too sure what that color was. If you had asked me to explain it I would do a ton of hand flailing, some shoulder shrugging, with some you knows and mumbling…basically like a conversation I have with Tenley on regular basis.
Here were our last final four…I say last because I had picked the final piece so many times it’s not even funny.
Next we did something extreme…I did a water test. I know it’s durable scratch wise but I’m going to be honest…water scares me and with Tenley it’s a guarantee that there’s going to be LOTS of spills, her nickname is Hurricane Tenley after all. If you’re following me on Instagram you would have caught my momentary spout of insanity.
Please ignore the Dutch Brothers photobomb
We left the first one on for 30 minutes, then 60 minutes and then 90 minutes. Obviously leaving it on that long is never ideal but that being said, sometimes it happens and I wanted to know what we might be getting into.
This was after…
This is the moisture saturation after 90 minutes and you can kind of tell theres some raising. Fortunately because we went with hand-scraped it just looks like part of the wood.
I can honestly say that I’m really glad we tested it, we both had some peace of mind about the floors and living on laminate with two dogs and Tenley! Probably way over board for what’s necessary but we want to make sure that every decision we make in this house is planned out and researched. We are so excited about it…and I can say that laying on a very messy almost installed new floor. Though laying on concrete was sadly less yucky ddisgusting than what we had prior.

Mounting Our TV: Part Two

So last we left you off, there was an empty hole and a to house our boxes…

We were able to salvage the drywall so we were able to simply place it back, get the drywall screws in (while I held the drywall over my head squealing for Todd to hurry up) and then to do the mud.

Hello ladies..can you resist a man with long socks?!

I’m going to be totally honest, we haven’t done a ton of experiencing with mud and we were super nervous that it’d look awful. I mean like REALLY nervous. Once it dried we sanded, slapped on another layer of mud, sanded and then used the fancy ole can of spray texture. I’d suggest practicing a few times on a piece of cardboard for comfort purposes but also to get the right texture and then get to spraying. Immediately we busted out the paint, I was so ready to get rid of the nasty green wall!

The following day Todd mounted our tv!!

Excuse the mess, I wish I could blame moving but we’re still not completely unpacked…this might be our new normal!

Let me just take a moment and talk to you about Monoprice…you’ll never find a better place to buy your electronics accessories and for super cheap, ever. HDMI cords, TV mounts, speaker wires, ect. We’ve personally bought 6, and not because we have an obscene amount of TV’s but because of moving and believing in the products and buying them for family. Trust me, if you ever check them out, you will not be sorry!

Weeks after this picture was taken we still haven’t finished closing up the inlet, we can’t really come up with a good way to close this off in a pretty way, that doesn’t break the bank. I cannot rationalize spending more money on the grate hiding the electronics than the fancy swivel TV mount we have. My hope was to have a seamless faceplate but we need the metal to be 46.5 inches long and all I can find is 3ft, soooo I guess I might have to buy something like this.

This is the Union Jack sheet from Home Depot, I have conjured up a few ideas but I am not yet in love with anything. We’re at a total standstill! Any ideas would be much appreciated!! I’m currently considering calling around to see if any sheet metal manufacturers would do it for a reasonable price but that seems like I’ll be going from having too little to way too much. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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